Tri Kappa is a unique philanthropic organization because it exists only within the boundaries of the state of Indiana. From these humble beginnings, Tri Kappa has thrived to 144 Active chapters and 112 Associate chapters with almost 9,000 members.

Each Tri Kappa chapter has special projects in its community for charity, culture, and education. Local chapters also support statewide projects.

Tri Kappa supports the Hoosier Salon and awards fine arts scholarships. The Tri Kappa Art Collection, with almost 100 paintings by artists from Indiana, is on permanent loan to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Each year local chapters and state Tri Kappa give over $1.5 million to its endeavors of charity, culture and education. Since 1901 Tri Kappa members have donated untold hours and millions of dollars to projects in the state of Indiana.